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Orthodox priest’s sex that is weird caught on movie

Orthodox priest’s sex that is weird caught on movie

A HIGH-RANKING Greek Orthodox priest starred in kinky intercourse tapes together with his parish-school that is much-younger principal had been forced to resign following the event — which he’d denied for many years — had been verified by church elders.

Father George Passias, the married 67-year-old pastor of St. Spyridon Church in Manhattan, also impregnated their married fan, 45-year-old Ethel Bouzalas, based on sources.

Passias had been when the chancellor regarding the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, in control of all the religion’s US priests, reports the brand new York Post.

An adherent up to a fundamentalist faction of Greek Orthodoxy led by way of a controversial cleric in Arizona, he took the helm of St. Spyridon nine years ago — and instantly ordered worshippers that are female protect their minds during confession.

But there clearly was no nod that is such modesty within their shocking intercourse videos. The bearded cleric, wearing only a white T-shirt, watches his long-haired brunette lover plant her G-string clad bottom on a piece of banana bread wrapped in cling wrap in one scene.

Mrs Bouzalas, using stiletto heels, oddly wiggles regarding the loaf until it really is flattened — a fetish called “cake crush” or “cake sitting”.

Takes the dessert. Father George Passias watches as Ethel Bouzalas crushes dessert as part of a fetish work. Image: Ny Post

An additional movie, the pretty Peruvian rubs her foot in the priest’s face she records his ecstasy at the encounter as they lie under a mirrored ceiling and. An additional tape, the priest does dental intercourse on their fan while she actually is nevertheless clad in sheer pantyhose. Continua a leggere