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. Inevitably Johnlocked. We really threesomes/foursomes/etc. That is rarely read.

. Inevitably Johnlocked. We really threesomes/foursomes/etc. That is rarely read.

Anonymous asked:

Therefore right here’s the one thing… I really threesomes/foursomes/etc that is rarely read. I got, encouraging people to submit their faves: unless it involves like… two Sherlocks or two Johns because I’m Weird™ XD Here’s what)


Keep one another business by orithea (E, 4,600 w. || Est. Rel., Threesome, Self-cest, Time Traveller Sherlock) – One Sherlock is demanding sufficient. Two of those are impractical to resist. Component 3 of that time period Traveller’s Flatmate

Days Two by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 5,595 w. || Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Victorian John, Modern John, Sherlock has an excellent Imagination, PWP, Bottomlock, Spitroasting) – “But you’re not that John…”“Of course we have always been, ” John’s lips and mustache brush against Sherlock’s lips as he speaks. “All us Johns are that John, now. That John is with atlanta divorce attorneys space in your Palace. ” He leans set for another messy kiss, tongue swirling throughout the inside Sherlock’s lips. “In reality, ” he moves to draw regarding the sensitive and painful epidermis underneath Sherlock’s ear. “I think we hear him coming at this time. ”

A lot Better Than One by Innerspace (E, 14,760 w. || Clones, Selfcest, Frottage, PWP, Threesomes, Clone Sex, Slight Dubcon, First Time) – Sherlock has generated a clone; said clone is annoyed at Sherlock’s not enough progress with John and proceeds to rectify the specific situation. Continua a leggere