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Key wife talks out concerning the illusion of polygamous marriage

Key wife talks out concerning the illusion of polygamous marriage

By Zainab Salbi on 4, 2015 june

A young Syrian woman, to meet me at a cafe in Istanbul last week, I expected a sad-looking refugee recently arrived in Turkey while waiting for Hind. Nevertheless when she moved she was a pulled together, youthful-looking woman of 34 dressed in a fitted, knee-length skirt and a pale pink fitted shirt in I saw that Hind wore perfect make up (if applied rather heavily), hair extensions, and polished nails. She left Syria just five months ago, thus I bombarded her along with types of questions regarding the continuing state regarding the nation. Just exactly How could be the protection situation? Exactly exactly exactly How are individuals residing? Just How are her relatives and buddies? She replied casually: “Nights are difficult because they are high in noises of bombs, electricity is just couple of hours every day therefore it is tough, and individuals are involved and scared. ” they are typical war tales circumstances that are describing We have worked and resided through myself. I needed to hear Hind’s unique, individual tale.

Between my sips of Turkish coffee, Hind commented to my single muslim usa look:

“Its bold to possess the hair on your head therefore quick. Continua a leggere