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Engaged and getting married for real – don’t forget two witnesses

Engaged and getting married for real – don’t forget two witnesses

This is basically the tricky component. So this is actually the thing – if you’re registered as being a married few in one single nation, it really works around the globe. Lots of people asked me the question that is same and I also myself did too ahead of the research. Due to the online world and Stephen’s buddy whom works during the State Department for the United States, we got some pretty good instructions.

Engaged and getting married written down does not automatically give citizenship. Signing the paper means you’ll be a married few with two various nationalities. If your couple desires to subside in just one of their property countries, one other needs to get yourself a residence permit (by wedding) that is well-known as an eco-friendly card. Getting citizenship takes more paperwork and time. Quite often, a few interviews may take place (especially into the US). Since Korea does not allow a citizenship that is double i might need to drop my citizenship status as a Korean if I made the decision to get U.S. citizenship. We now haven’t made a decision yet.

a) Embassy

The step that is first have to do is go right to the embassy of your house nation in Korea, and acquire an “Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage”. This may illustrate that you aren’t hitched at home nation, and they are qualified getting hitched. Continua a leggere