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Three English Soccer Players Suspended for Violation of Betting Rules

Three English Soccer Players Suspended for Violation of Betting Rules

Three soccer that is english were fined and suspended for betting against FA policy (Image:CWSL)

The Football Association (FA) England’s governing body for soccer has made a true point of breaking down harshly on players and staff users who violate rules about wagering on matches. Apparently, they’re ready to get very, extremely far down the league ladder to locate and discipline those that break those rules.

Wagering Rule Breaches

The FA punished three players from AFC Hayes for admitting to multiple breaches of their gambling rules. Each player was fined and suspended, with the punishments varying in line with the true number of bets made by the players. According to reports, none of this players are accused of betting on matches played by AFC Hayes, but these people were betting on games within leagues and tournaments on which they were contending, which is against FA policy.

It doesn’t make you a bad soccer fan, as even many English fans have only heard the name in passing if you haven’t heard of AFC Hayes, that’s okay. The group plays way down in the Southern League Division One Central, a league composed of semi-professional and amateur squads in the tier that is eighth of soccer. The group’s greatest achievements in the past include winning the Spartan Southern Midlands League Premier Division South and once reaching the qualifying that is second of the FA Cup competition. Attendance in the ho Continua a leggere